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Scavenger hunts have been popular for decades, maybe even longer. Children, adults and others love them. Scavenger hunts can be tailored to fit a variety of locations, themes and age groups. They work well when wanting to foster team work, build a community and they are fun and exciting. primary teaching jobs in bristol are jobs that are preparing our young children for a good life.

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Types of Scavenger Hunts

One example is the classic scavenger hunt. This is when a group of people are given a list of items to retrieve and bring back within a certain time. Examples of items to find and bring back might be a coin with a specific date, a stamp, a basketball or a piece of jewelry. Various areas are assigned to the objects, based on how difficult it will be to get them. Themes of a classic scavenger hunt can add excitement to the hunt. For example, a detective scavenger hunt may require participants to dress as a detective and bring with them magnifying glasses and funny looking hats.

Other Types of Scavenger Hunts

Another fun and exciting hunt is the Destination Unknown Scavenger Hunt. With this hunt, clues are given that lead participants to a certain destination where they find a clue to the next location. Additional clues will eventually lead them to a certain location where there is a party. Riddles or directions are given and guide participants to famous landmarks.

The Sound Scavenger Hunt

This is a different kind of hunt but one that many like. Instead of finding and retrieving objects, groups of teams are given a tape recorder and given a list of sounds to record. Sounds might include a ringing church bell, a ticking clock, a message from someone or a sound that is heard in a certain area at a certain time such as that coming from a church. The team that collects the most sounds from the list in a certain time becomes the winner.

Treasure Hunt a Favorite of many

The treasure hunt is different in that there is one final thing to search for. Clues are given which lead to the final destination where the treasure can be found. Teams compete against each other so that they can solve the clues and follow them to the treasure.

Benefits of Scavenger Hunts

Besides being great fun, there are many other benefits of a hunt such as a great way to build relationships, a wonderful way to understand a topic, can be done in many places such as in a city or backyard, builds skills, helps with problem solving, is creative, helps with time management, helps with decision making, is effective with teamwork and is highly motivating.

To conclude, hunts are great fun and offer many benefits such as building team skills, makes problems solving fun and insightful and helps with decision making. Scavenger hunts can also be used in school competition, in a business location or on the Internet. There are many benefits with a scavenger hunt but the best aspect of a scavenger hunt is that it brings people together.